PowerHab aims to develop a system capable of providing a Lunar habitat with its required power needs, whilst maintaining resiliency in the harsh Lunar environment. To achieve this objective, we have devised a range of concepts which satisfy the issues of power harvest, storage and distribution.


Microwave WPT

We envision constellations of Solar Power Satellites, utilising microwave wireless power transmission, to transfer harvested energy to the Lunar base. To demonstrate the viability of this concept, we are designing and manufacturing a small-scale prototype of the satellite’s WPT system. Successful demonstration will showcase power generation, using a wattmeter at the receiving end of the system, and resulting in the illumination of an LED.

Battery Management System

The BMS design ensures safety of the battery, and ultimately the safety of all astronauts within the habitat. Therefore, we aim to develop an advanced battery management system which will provide accurate voltage, current, power and temperature readings as well as state of charge and state of health judgements.

The BMS will follow a distributed large format architecture comprising of slave modules responsible for the voltage, current and temperature readings, and master modules responsible for the state of charge and state of health of the battery. Each slave module will also contain an active cell balancing circuit which performs charge redistribution, ensuring the charge of each cell is uniform across the battery pack, and preventing cell overcharge.


Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Utilizing Regenerative Fuel Cell technology, we aim to produce Hydrogen from water sources on the Lunar surface and using this to generate power during the Lunar night. The water produced from this reaction can, in turn, be recycled back into Oxygen and Hydrogen using solar power.


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