Powering our return to the Moon

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- About PowerHab -

During the 2019 IGLUNA campaign, PowerHab delivered our vision for a dual-axis solar tracking array to much praise from the audience and community in general. But this year we have taken a bold new approach to a reliable Lunar power solution.​ With innovative concepts for a distributed generation and storage power system, PowerHab is developing technologies which not only aid in our return to the Moon but offer solutions to many problems we still face here on Earth.

- Prototypes -

Wireless Power Transmission

WPT enables the transport of electrical power without the need for cabling infrastructure.

Battery Management System

The BMS will allow for monitoring and control of the lithium ion battery system, as well as protecting the battery from operating out with its safe optimal conditions.

Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell

RFC technology can provide electricity from hydrogen and oxygen, with the only by-product being water which can be split by electrolysis and used again within the fuel cell.


In collaboration with the European Space Agency, the Swiss Space Centre brings together students from across Europe.
The purpose of this mission is to demonstrate technologies capable of supporting a manned Lunar base, incorporating remote operation.
For the 2019 edition, over 150 students organised in 19 teams across 13 European universities worked on developing a human habitat in ice. Each team focused on a specific aspect of the habitat, combining to produce a long-term solution for human-Lunar habitation. 


Ideas of the everyday life find their way out into space and return solutions for a better living on Earth.

- Meet the PowerHab Team -

A dedicated and enthusiastic group of engineers, fully committed to the IGLUNA 2020 mission

Drew Gillespie
Team Leader
Gareth Mitchell
Co-Team Leader
Samuel Beard
Wireless Power Transmission
Bradley Skelton
Solar Power Satellites
Donald Martin
Orbital Mechanics
Finlay Rowe
Battery Systems
Alex Potter
Thermal Mass
Gavin Rodgers
Fuel Cell

- Our Partners -

Ruby Donors:
Massimiliano Vasile, Elaine Rodgers

Pearl Donors:
Matthew Cartmell, Irene Gillespie, Margaret Walker, Jinglang Feng, David Nash, Christie Maddock, Lorenzo Ricciardi

Crystal Donors:

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